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Let's be honest about magic for a bit -- there's only a few really important spells that hybrid characters get access to. For example, for paladins, it's Healing, Detection, Enlightenment, and Word of Destruction. There are other spells they cast, perhaps even frequently, but these are the most important, the ones where being able to cast them freely instead of relying on inventory items (especially consumable inventory items) really changes how you can play the game. For rogues and rangers, it's Haste Self, Resistance, Word of Destruction (I forget if rogues get this one), and Detect Objects (rogues only of course).

In particular for rogues, there's not much point in stressing about the utility of books. If they don't have spells you want to cast frequently, then don't carry them. The same's true for paladins, for whom several spellbooks end up being mostly junk.

Regarding weapon options: 400/round is endgame viable, though it is at the lower end. It's worth holding onto that sword in case nothing better shows up.
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