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Originally Posted by mushroom patch View Post
First, make a choice: Are you going to kill him with ranged attacks or are you going to melee him? Don't try to do both.

If you're doing melee, get a heavy weapon with slay evil. Something like a blade of chaos or mace of disruption is your best bet and not crazily difficult to find. Dig your way to the edge of the level near permanent walls, with a slightly zig zag path to prevent more than one open space being in line of sight. Buff as Morgoth approaches and melee him until he dies or summons something bad -- if bad enough, use banishment or teleport other if it's not unique, teleport other if it's a unique. If you're worried about dying on the next turn if you use banish or tele, either teleport level and abandon the fight or teleport Morgoth away and deal with the summons as above if that seems like it will work.

If you're doing ranged, do not let Morgoth melee you. If you don't want to cheez it (see hockeysticks), get a good stack of arrows set up in an open location, digging if necessary to open it more. You may want to use runes to prevent summons on top of you, but idk. Shoot at Morgoth until he approaches melee range, then teleport him. Do not let him melee you. Repeat until he's dead. You want to work with long lines of sight. Controlling summons is more annoying this way, imo, but in theory you should kill him in fewer turns with bows, so.

[Also, you should not be using tele self at this stage of the game. It is unnecessarily dangerous. If you really need to escape, use teleport level and always have it available. Never rest on a level with Morgoth and never recall from a Morgoth level -- you need to reset recall to 99 anyway. There's no reason to be worrying about running out of MP in this fight either. Bring restore mana potions.]

Lots of food for thought there. Finding an open space runs counter to what I have read. But, it makes sense - rangers need open space to work really effectively.

I had a LOT of banishment, every time Morgoth did a summons, I got rid of everything. I did waste an inventory slot though, because I had some banishment scrolls, as well as mass banish staves. Having a stack of 40 mass banishment scrolls would probably suffice - if mass banish comes in scroll form. I need to look at that again.

Thanks for the input - I need it!
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