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Second part of wilderness rework done plus some stuff from V. Changes since last time:

- Increase wilderness radius from 32 to 43
- Make wilderness metamap fixed instead of randomly generated
- Parse wilderness metamap from new wild_info.txt file
- Add new wilderness types: river, hill
- Remove high mountain wilderness type, tweak mountain and shore types
- Decrease town area radius from 3 to 2
- Enable fizzix's probability tweaks from 2012
- Fix memory leaks, refactor
- Allow passable rubble in the dungeon
- Activate new dungeon profiles (modified, moria)
- Activate new room types (moria room, Interesting room, huge room, room of chambers)
- Activate new vault types
- Make lava (flow) passable and hurt the player
- Allow hot and cold projections to create or destroy lava
- Allow lava to appear in vaults
- Stop monsters from moving into lava, hurt them if they're pushed

Files updated: binaries and source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location:
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