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Good to find an answer on this here.
Looking a bit more, I just found out a more factual list, with actual numbers, which is what I was looking for :
(Seems to refer to early versions, but I'd assume most numbers didn't change)

Special Abilities
  • Fast Learner:
    Gain +67% experience from all kills.
  • Weapon Versatility:
    Can Master all weapon skills and +8 tohit for both ranged and melee.
  • Subtle Casting:
    1/2 chance of not triggering "Ticked Off" status with Offensive Spell (or magic device) (evaluate separately for each monster affected)
  • Peerless Sniper:
    4/5 chance of not triggering "Ticked Off" status with ranged weapon attack.
  • Unyielding:
    +3 HD (HP adjusted retroactively as well)
  • Ambidexterity:
    Treated as having Genji Gloves equipped (does not stack with Genji Gloves)
    +30 AC
  • Loremaster:
    All items *Identify* upon pickup. Additionally, players gain the ability to Probe Monsters.
  • Arcane Mastery:
    -5% spell fail rate for all spells (can't reduce below minimum from Class/stat)
  • Evasion: You are never crushed by earthquakes, and all breath attacks do 2/3 damage (Mana Storm, Rockets, etc. still do full damage).
  • Potion Chugger:
    You chug potions extremely quickly (30 energy). In addition, timed effects from potions last twice as long.
  • One with Magic:
    You have 1/2 chance of resisting Dispel Magic and Antimagic.
  • Peerless Tracker:
    Track - Active ability that does Magic Mapping and Detection for 25 SP or HP.
  • Infernal Deal:
    Gain 20 HP and 10 SP (or 30 HP) for each monster that dies in your Line of Effect. No upper bound per round, and you don't have to be the one doing the killing.
  • Merchant's Friend:
    Gain two shop options: (1) Refresh stock: randomize/refresh a Shop's items for 5,000gp. (2) Hold item: pay 10,000gp to ensure that the item does not get removed from a refresh process (so that you can be sure you can buy it later).
  • Sacred Vitality:
    All healing effects are boosted by MIN(MAX(plev, X/3), X*2) where X is the original healing amount.
  • Cult of Personality:
    Enemy summons are friendly 1/2 of the time if they fail a save (mlvl + 1d100 < 2*clvl + CHA). If they are turned friendly, then they become a pet if they fail an additional save (mlvl + 1d100 < 2*clvl + CHA).
  • Fleet of Foot:
    Moving takes only 50 energy. Stacks with Ninja Quick Walk if you really want to be faster than a speeding bullet (so it would be walking takes (45-(clvl/2))/2 energy). For Bards and Dancers who have abilities that damage at the end of each player action, these ability do 50% damage and cost 50% SP after movement.
  • Astral Guide:
    Teleportation (Phase Door, Teleport, Dimension Door, from scroll or spell) takes only 30 energy (so you are much more likely to get out of a bad teleport). Does not apply to Ninja's Hide in Flames, Kawamari, or any other ability that combines Teleport with additional effects/triggers. Astral Guide also grants powers of Phase Door and Teleport.
  • Demonic Grasp:
    You are immune to charge draining. (Too Powerful? I was worried that if there is any chance of failure than this talent is not worth picking since, for example, the Serpent might heal back to full health!)
    (DZ: Likely too powerful. How about, you get a save to resist charge draining, succeed if 1d100 > mlvl-(2*INT)? That's a 20% chance that the Serpent successfully drains, but honestly if you're devicing, you're unlikely to be in melee range. For standard Archliches etc., you're immune)
    (CK: Actually, I think this might be OK. To me, it is largely a convenience talent except perhaps wrt destruction vs the Serpent, but one usually has enough scrolls. I think I'll leave it as is until somebody actually picks it and tells me it is too much
  • Weird Mind:
    You are unaffected by the Eldritch Horror, gain resistance to confusion, and will never hallucinate. In addition, you can not be stunned.
  • Fantastic Frenzy:
    Like the berserker, you only use partial energy when your melee attack kills a foe (attack num * 100 / total attacks). In addition, you gain the power of Massacre at L50.

Not having tested them, I feel a bit skeptical about "Peerless Sniper/caster".

=> If I get it right, you have 20%/50% chance to proc a "critical" shot/spell which will "disable" their lesser abilities.
e.g. an arch-vile wouldn't cast fireballs anymore.

Buy this won't disable "high level abilities", so I guess mortal wounds, mana storms, rockets, hand of doom... will still be used.

I'm afraid in end game, this perk would mean enemy casters will ONLY use their most powerful spells, since the other will be automatically disabled, maiking it counter-productive, since I doubt their cast rate will be reduced !

=> may I be right ?
=> and in all cases, is there a list of what is or is not disabled ? (what about "fire an arrow", or "throw a rock", for example) ?
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