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Originally Posted by Donald Jonker View Post
Despite what you may read online, Robert Jordan is consistently good so long as you know from the outset you're in for an endurance test. A lot of the reviews are stacked with people pissed off because it's a never ending story (well, I guess it's supposed to end "soon"). And it doesn't hurt to skip parts...

Now that I think of it, I'm pretty surprised there isn't a *band based on Wheel of Time.
I gave up reading that a long time ago--it got tedious after the first 3 volumes. A 'band based on wheel of time would have to be bigger than ToME with 255 levels.

I enjoy CS Friedman much more, though I think that In Conquest Born was by far her best. (Her recent series, _Feast of Souls_, is good (and very dark.)) So is Kate Elliot's current series. So is GRR Martin's...
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