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New PWMAngband 1.1.10 beta 3 released!

Quick fix update because I goofed about stealth bonus for idle players. Changes below:

- Fix the temporary +1 bonus to stealth for idle players (it was cumulative each time a monster was processed, eventually giving max stealth to the player)
- Redraw the monster list when a friendly summon kills another monster
- Don't use monster flow for pathfinding if the player is wraithed in walls
- Rename _DEBUG define to DEBUG_MODE (defined in config.h) to allow running clients and servers in debug mode without actually using the debug commands
- Remove MULTIPLY flag from living walls
- DOCUTILS upgraded to version 0.11
- LIBPNG upgraded to version 1.6.3
- Update help files (stats, standard roller, squelch categories)

Files updated: client, server and source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location:
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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