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Originally Posted by Donald Jonker View Post
Any advice? It's annoying not being able to even take on a group of snagas at clvl 10, but perhaps that's the nature of the beast.

Well, the best advice is to keep playing- you'll figure it out. But yes, that is the nature of the beast- groups are hard for resource-limited characters to deal with (which is OK because they are tedious and unrewarding to kill anyway). Just stay away from groups you know you can't deal with. Go after the stuff that has the best risk/reward ratio. And don't bother hanging around at snaga depth- you'll gain clvls automatically up to about the mid-20s if you keep going deeper, and every staircase takes you closer to the stuff you need to get strong. At that level having a staff of teleport is the most important thing- tele _before_ things start to go south. This does require some experience, in that you have to know when you should stand and fight and when you should flee. Rely on your bow- it can kill anything at those depths, if you don't get mobbed.

There's nothing that can kill a cautious prepared character until dlvl 34-35 or so, so it makes sense to get that deep as fast as you can even if you don't consider yourself a diver. It's particularly important to pretty much skip the 20s... just a pox of inventory-destroying hounds. Stop to grab opportune loot though, as a Priest wants a good HA weapon as early as possible, and you might get lucky. The extra points of Wis help a lot a bit later. I don't recall what depth AoWis is native to, but they're not uncommon in the early 30s.
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