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Interesting plan! Let us know how it goes.

Upper limit for charging multiplier depends on SIZ.

Magic Blow spell (or similar?) increases the charging multiplier temporarily (not displayed when inspecting the weapon, I don't know about the character screen). Probably nothing else does, in particular no specialty.

And here is the main code (I guess it's a minor spoiler, probably documentation says (or would say) exacetly the same, but in English):
xtra1.c-        /* Charging multiplier */
xtra1.c-        if (p_ptr->cur_style & (1L << WS_UNARMED)
xtra1.c-            && p_ptr->wt >= 2 * cp_ptr->chg_weight)
xtra1.c:          p_ptr->num_charge = p_ptr->wt / cp_ptr->chg_weight;
xtra1.c-        else if (o_ptr->weight >= 2 * cp_ptr->chg_weight)
xtra1.c:          p_ptr->num_charge = o_ptr->weight / cp_ptr->chg_weight;
xtra1.c-        else
xtra1.c:          p_ptr->num_charge = 1;
So, in short, charging multiplier is weapon weight divided by an intuitive class-specific charging constant. Warriors and Paladins have the best, equal, value here.

No idea which weapons are the heaviest. Is it the Mace of Disruption? Would be funny, because polearms should obviously be the best. Any artifact?

Edit: Remember that only the first attack is affected by charging. The others (if you get them --- attacks number is halved) are as usual, so you may want an e.g. a very light second weapon in your off hand, coated in something slowing or paralysing, to give you time to charge again. Or, actually, you may have an ultra-heavy, but totally blunt (-20, -20) weapon in your off hand, just to give you the charging momentum, because the bigger of the charging multipliers is used for the first blow (regardless if it comes from the main weapon or not).

Edit: rechecked and corrected things.

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