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The ring of digging was a swap. I checked the YT video to make sure I wasn't fighting with it on and at least at the beginning of the fight I was wearing the DEX ring. I did the char dump a little bit after beating M and had put the RoDigging on after. I never even found a good RoD. Best one I found was +12 and left it behind, because at the time the Dex ring was better and figured I'd get a better RoD near the end, but never did. I didn't find much after DL83 when Maeglin dropped me the MoD <+2>. Aside from the weapon, the best items I found were RoS +14 and "Trickery. And the bow? Found it under rubble in a rubble field. Good thing I like clearing rubble fields!

If my luck wasn't in items, it was in friendly monsters. My current hobbit ranger is so far constantly harassed by water hounds and fire hounds. I experienced very little elemental attacks throughout my ironman game. Even so, pretty much the greatest challenge throughout the game was accumulating enough phase doors to feel comfortable in the final fights. Almost every elemental attack I did receive destroyed between one and three phase doors.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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