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Originally Posted by StMicah View Post
If the artifact lights are fully randomized, would the activations tied to those (e.g. enlightenment) be generated on other randarts equipment?
Probably not.

What happens at the moment is that the special artifacts (lights, rings and amulets) have all their current properties wiped - except light activations - and then new properties put on. This means that there are always the same number of rings, amulets and lights in the game, with the same base item names. If instead we just make all randarts in the way the rest are made - choose a base item, turn it into an artifact - there would be no particular reason to get the light activations.

Incidentally, it's not completely obvious how this process should go. I have experimented with just doing the dumbest possible thing, and allowing rings, lights and amulets as base items. So there are artifacts based on existing rings - and moreover using their names, and remember that the names of rings and amulets are things like Sustenance, the Dog, etc. So you get some great sounding names, like
the Flames of Brenimros [+6], and
the Open Wounds of Faelona [+7] <+4, +1>
but also some less good ones like
the Slow Digestion of Losgarcar <+3, +5, +1>
There is still work to be done here
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