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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
Oh i was just being funny. But i do think Moria should be brought in line with Lungorthing.

A lot of people like to claim that this game is Tolkien themed and point out areas where it is not in keeping with the Tolkien universe to suggest changes. I'm not one of them. I couldn't care less if the game sticks with Tolkien themes, or accurately adheres to them. Throw in some goombas and koopa troopas, make Cthulhu a shopkeeper, etc., I'll still be perfectly happy. In that case, the Balrog of Moria is just some random balrog who happens to have gained some level of infamy, and there's no good reason to beef it up.

But let's assume that I do care about faithfulness to the Tolkien universe. Then the Balrog of Moria is just some random balrog who happened to destroy Mordor and take residence there. Gandalf was afraid when he realized there was probably a balrog. Not some famous, notorious, badass balrog king, but just "a balrog". And Gandalf the Grey--not the much-more-powerful Gandalf the White!--took the balrog out without even having Imm Fire and without allowing it to so much as injure any members of the fellowship.

Seems to me that from either perspective, there's no good reason not to have an otherwise fairly week balrog "named" after the one that destroyed Moria.
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