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Release 35 (22-Jun-2020)
  • Optional low Health warning popup dialog that blocks all commands. The dialog is visible for the configured duration or until closed with ESC, SPACE, ENTER, or left mouse click. The warning thresholds can be configured from the settings. You can set a cooldown in seconds between dialogs. You can disable the dialog when it's visible with DEL or CTRL + W. You can disable or re-enable the dialog with CTRL + W in normal game mode.
  • Optional Health bar / UI frame flash when low on Health. Can be configured from the settings.
  • When no hostile creatures are seen, companion movement speed is the same as the players.
  • Companions that were not near hostile creatures are regrouped around the player after autopilot / autoexplore regardless of their movement speed.
  • Setting for autopilot / autoexplore: stop if companion sees hostile creatures (off by default). Summoned / animated / charmed creatures are not counted as companions here.
  • Tweaked autoexplore so that it stops before a locked door even if you have a key to the door. Next autoexplore command will open the door.
  • New behavior for companions: HANDLE. You can command companion to disable or force a lock / disable a trap. Target a lock or a trap with the cursor in target mode, then press companion number to command a companion, or press 0 to select the best companion for the job. There must be a clear path to the target when issuing a HANDLE command. You won't get experience points from locks or traps disabled by a companion.
  • Companions in FOLLOW behavior will try to disable or force a lock after your failed attempt if there's one with better Body-ability or Disable-skill nearby and neither the player or the companion sees hostile creatures. The same method (disable / force) will be used. Can be disabled from the settings.
  • New pro tip to the manual / ingame book: Give Disable-skill boosting items to a companion. If you have found items that boost the Disable-skill, but don't want to wear them or don't have room in your equipment setup for them, give them to a companion with the highest Motion-ability. Then, when needed, command the companion to disable a lock or a trap. They will also do that automatically after your failed attempt if their Disable-skill is higher than yours.
  • Better handling of charmed creatures. Fixed some related bugs.
  • Previous release introduced some bugs to the book page changing with mouse. Fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with book keyword filtering.
  • NPCs no longer pick up scrolls.
  • Fixed a bug where recruitable NPCs wouldn't always appear in the shop level.
  • Since there are quite a lot of settings now, you can filter the settings-menu items by writing a keyword. Hold down SHIFT if you have binded letter keys for movement.
Video of the low health warnings:
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