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Frog - How often do greater vaults generate in late game?

My coffee-break Paladin has made it down to DL 86 so far, and no greater vaults. Is that bad (or boring) luck? Or are these rarer than I think?

TBH the game has been kind of boring between ~ DL 70 and DL 86, which is frustrating when you know there are only 6 levels left before the final boss fights. The biggest excitement was the arduous task of taking down Hanuman (not that I ever felt in danger for my life)

While I'm whinging, shouldn't drops from Acquirement be better than they actually are? I'm disappointed in the result 90% of the time. Whether I read them at DL 30 or DL 80, I usually get something not even worth carrying. I used to be so excited to get the ?Acquisition from the Ogre Shaman in Arena, but no longer.
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