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Originally Posted by bron View Post
As for my impressions on sil-q as compared to sil: I thought that the game was not different enough. A couple things were tweaked in various ways, but nothing that really makes we want to play it as compared to the original. It was more like a stab at a Sil 1.4, rather than a new game based on the old. Nothing wrong with that of course.
Yes, this is pretty much precisely how sil-q began: with a thread on features people wanted to see in 1.4, and it being apparent the game was not under active development.

From there there were three main philosophies: make choices less obvious and remove clutter, make Morgoth harder to kill, and design skills for the whole game not the throne room.

Removal of broken swords, filthy rags etc was easy as those were non-choices. Throwing Mastery and Song of Este and some other skills were rather similar. The other extreme, removing things like Momentum which largely negated the usefulness of whole classes of weapons was a little harder because people were used to taking these.

Finding new skills and things to fill in the gaps has been an evolutionary process.

I was actually considering a very much more serious overhaul to level and item generation, but I think my appetite for development is waning a little, and I'm not sure if it would have much of an audience.

Originally Posted by bron View Post
I like the removal of Artistry from Smithing, but don't quite understand all the cost changes that were made. Some things are cheaper, some things more expensive, and I don't quite follow the rationale for it all.
I think only a handful of things are more expensive. The ones I suspect you're thinking of are sharpness and +evasion. With regard to the former, Smithing had (and still very much has) a U-shaped power curve. Instead of crafting slays, brands, etc people would go straight to sharpness. I've been trying to flatten out the power curve a little so useful ego items are more viable to craft mid-game, and the endgame items are a little less broken. I liked the Smithing progression in your run, it was broadly what I was hoping to see.

Evasion initially gained in expense because I felt giving Artistry might be just too good, but when one of the consequences of this was making +2 Evasion rings less affordable at 50' I wasn't too upset; these rings were better than practically anything else you'd find before the late game, and were perhaps too much the obvious choice.

I find the Silmarils are too easy to cut out of the Crown, but clearly that is partly because I run high strength characters who can wail away with heavy weapons.
Heh, well, part of the balance now is that cutting Sils angers Morgoth, which makes him hit harder and have higher will and perception, making your escape harder. Of course if you kill Morgoth that's not a problem, but so far the majority of victories have been cutting Sils rather than killing him.
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