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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Why on earth were you doing all this "weak" ? The eventual fainting almost did you in, and lowered str isnt ideal either for the fight.
Because the weak status always lasts shorter than I expect. I play stupidly a lot in Angband. I like to push the envelope. I actually checked my dpr to see if it went down while I was weak and since it didn't I didn't bother eating.

@Wobbly: I actually don't pay much attention to them. I think I've maybe died once as a result of an illusionist, but usually they are pretty harmless; and while they make me nervous sometimes, they rarely put me in serious trouble. If I can easily kill them I will, but if I can't I just ignore them and go the other way. If they mess with me, usually it's not very effective. It's quite rare that they paralyze me when there are dangerous mobs about. Usually they are accompanied by other weak humans. And they tend to blind more than anything; and I've gotten quite used to fighting blind if I don't suspect anything dangerous is nearby. Ironamn suits me because it requires you to take some calculated risks in order to save resources: ie. fighting blind when you don't think there is any real immediate danger of dying.

AAR continued

DL6: Find short bow (+6, +5)

DL7: Bullroarer drops a Cutlass {Splendid} <+2> Str but does less dam than my dagger.

DL9: Upgrade my weapon to a +3, +3 Main Gauche good for 30.9 dpr.

DL11: kill a bunch of panthers that come at me, but they take me down to 46hp.

DL13: A lantern of everburning.

DL14: (+7, +12) {ego} morning star for 26.9 dpr which I don't use ?Deep Descent

DL20: I have 33 charges of CLW in 4 staves. In a bit of trouble with a bunch of elves, something invisible is hitting and poisoning me. I fire my {ego} arrow at an h but it hits something next to me: the invisible demon (learned rune of slay demon). 44/241hp. The poison lasts a long time and I pick up another staff of CLW so I use that to keep me from dying rather than one of my 4 !CCW.

A tarantula gets on me and just as I’m killing him white wolves swarm me, quickly stripping me to below 100 health. I slash away at the wolves, trying to focus on the wounded ones, but they bring my health to 6hp and I’m forced to use a !CSW (3 left) (I only have 2 !CLW). I finally finish off the wolves without having to ?phase (12 left). I continue exploring and pick up a lucern hammer of extra attacks <+1> (2d5) (+6, +8) good for 41 dpr.

DL21: 7-3 I take a rod of treasure detection from a brigand and find the stairs.

DL22: I get hit by something sharp, but my “cursed” armor keeps my skin. Nevertheless, the Earth hounds are breathing a lot and I’m quickly below 100hp again and falling. I use a !CSW which helps matters considerably, but then I misclick and step into the hounds. I’m in good position, though, and when I get a chance I use my staves of CLW to keep from dying, but it is a very close battle. I recover some after the skirmish when Agamantite of Umber shows up. I fight and retreat and it goes pretty well thanks to my 75AC. I find an Accuracy ring +15 which I swap with my ring of Protection [+9].

I run into his brother at full health but he is doing much more damage; maybe because I just lost 9AC? He confuses me a lot and the fighting is not going well at all so I decide to try to make my way back to the ring of protection, which does go well, but I put it on my rFire/Cold ring instead to keep the accuracy.

I get cornered in a dead end room and try an unused wand on him. Clone monster, which means haste monster. I riskily allow Sanyhando to take me to 7hp before phasing poorly and have trouble getting away from him. I finally get a good ?phase and then realize I have an untried staff which slows him down. I use a bunch of its charges, heal up on the run; use another charge of slow monster and finish him without much trouble, though most of my arrows missed and my 38 charges of CLW is now at 2. In ironman play, you’re supposed to only take easy fights to save resources; but challenging/risky fights are more fun, plus staves of CLWs are only useful against not very dangerous monsters like the confuser brothers. Confuser #2 dropped me a heavy xbow (+2, +5) which I don as I have some bolts.

If you want to see some more really careless play here is my fight with the second confuser brother:
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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