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Originally Posted by OOD Town drunk View Post
PURPOSE: I tend to have a whole lot of little questions here and there, and have been posting new threads each time I have one, so on some excellent advice from one, Pete Mack,
I have now started: Dan's OFFICIAL Angband Question Thread!

DISCLAIMER: I may sneak game development suggestions or requests in here or there, get over it. Unless you don't want to. Totally your call. Also, I tend to typetalk in a fashion similar to how I mouthtalk. Which tends to be highly erratic and facetious. Also comical if you have a dry sense of humor. I think I am hilarious, however, you are entitled to your thoughts and opinions. Also, I am a straight man who loves the rainbow

also I find lots of minor bugs and typos. expect those as well

Can't read, looks like advertisment of pron. Written while drunk?
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