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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Yeah, that is sometimes a problem, too. But it was the illumination code that used to have "show reduced light radius while running" performance optimization. And it is running--and only runnning--where performance matters.
Just started up a 4.1.3-nightly game on and movement is noticably laggy. Even moving singular tiles takes more time than it should (and does in old variants) and running down a winding corridor takes seconds. I read phase door and my @ changed position, seeing a kobold in the darkness and then the (newly found) room appeared a few ms later, it was quite delayed. Similarly moving in and out of a lit room I can see the game updating the wall lighting in a very delayed fashion. This is with base delay 10 and movement delay 0.

Downloaded a local version and it seemed totally fine there though.

Edit: A couple things while playing necromancer: wielding a light should give a message saying it impacts spellcasting I think. Firing nether bolt at an undead produces no message and upon inspecting it (in this case a zombie kobold) it says that it "does not resist nether" despite being immune.

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