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Originally Posted by Sphara View Post
Half-Troll Blackguard's regeneration consumes food even when you're not wounded. Resting with already full HP consumes 1% in precisely 30 turns, exactly the same time it takes to lose when resting wounded. Eating one food ration keeps you fed about 500 turns before hunger penalties kick in. This no good.

I guess this is because Blackguard's innate regeneration penalty overlaps with Half-Troll's own regen all the time? Innate impaired HP-regen and infravision both show non-highlighted gray plus in character sheet.

It kinda makes sense Trolls needing to eat much, but for me, it's too much. Let me know if this is a bug or not. I won't touch Half Troll-Blackguard, if this is intentional.
I don't think there are any bugs here, but let me clarify exactly what's happening:
  • Half-trolls get regen, which means an added 15 (food bar is 10000) digested every game turn (usual digestion per game turn is roughly 10+speed, so at normal speed digestion is more than doubled);
  • Blackguards get impaired HP regen, which stacked with Half-troll regen means a HT blackguard just gets normal speed regen;
  • All characters regenerate hitpoints faster the fuller they are;
  • HP makes no difference to digestion speed.

So HT blackguard gets fast digestion with no effect on regen. Slow digestion (which divides digestion by 5) is probably a good thing to have.
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