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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
There's a cthangband shaped hole at - I compile a lot of variants and I can't remember exactly what my guess was as to why I couldn't get cthangband working, but in most cases for Z variants it's related to a bug in Z where gcc wouldn't recognise a 64bit compiler flag and the RNG got a wrong number of bits. The fact it's in active development again motivates me to give it another try, but it needs to run in a terminal and to compile without the aid of microsoft.

Where's the download for the C version of 5.1.0?
There isn't one, at the moment.

To be honest, it might be more effort than it's worth anyway. As part of the 5.1.0 changes, I stripped out much of the non-Windows code in preparation for the C# port.

So although there is a C version of 5.1.0 on my hard drive, it's explicitly coded for Windows; compiling inside VS2017 and incorporating a built-in front end.

To explain the front end: As part of my attempt to drag it kicking and screaming into the twenty first century, I've got rid of the whole thing where you load a character by starting the program with a command line argument and then when you die or save-and-quit the program dumps you back to the desktop. Instead, when you start the game you get to the main menu which includes multiple save slots like most modern games, and a character dying (or you doing a save-and-quit) brings you back to that menu rather than exiting the program.

It makes the game much more user-friendly, but probably means there's very little compatibility with what you're doing. Since it's been nearly 20 years (give it another six months or so) since Cthangband was forked from
Zangband, I figured that trying to maintain any sort of compatibility with other Angband versions was a fool's errand, and I may as well make wholesale changes.

That's in both the C and C# versions, and both of them automatically put your save games in the Windows user folders.

I should put the game online somewhere for people to download, though. I was thinking of waiting till I'd finished the refactoring (because some of it might break save files, which could be frustrating) but if I sort myself out a website for it I can stick it up as a beta.

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