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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
The smarter you make AI, the harder it gets to support a highly-asymmetrical game design. There's no way the player can be facing down against a Great Wyrm of Balance if that wyrm is intelligently using all the abilities available to it. And the player is expected to kill thousands of foes that are statwise considerably more powerful than they are. Basically, if you make Angband with really smart AI, then you are making a very different game from Vanilla. That's totally fine, just be aware that 4GAI is variant territory for a reason.
TomeNET. Good luck killing Sauron there with a mundane character, as he will automatically use his HEAL or TELE_XXX spells when under x% life. Basically uses the same AI as any player. Oh and you have to suffer through Mt Doom (all lava, no digging, no recall) to reach him too
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