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As Nick said the windows interface is great. I guess people who use linux also tend to prefer ascii?

The windows port is generally preferred over an SDL one because of the flexibility of the subwindows which are offered. The GCU ports tend to be rather inflexible on how they do it and the SDL ports are generally just the GCU output translated to pictures.

Poschengband has the most elaborate system for specifying subwindow parameters to be fit into a single window (like the GCU/SDL ports do) but the syntax is arcane and it's done from the command line prior to game start.

I think X11 can do multiple subwindows so you can see what that's about without using micro$oft products.

There's also NotEye which is a graphical frontend designed to be plugged in to curses roguelikes. PWMAngband uses it.

Finally, if you are able and willing to write JavaScript we can pipe the output through the browser and script the layout to draw appropriately onto a canvas element. Probably not that much harder than configuring NotEye. With a bit of effort and understanding we could even get subwindows going running the thing in an embedded browser (e.g. electron)

I want to do it myself but I am short on time lately.

There was also this:
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