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Quick (easy to be quick when you die) play of the old version with a dwarf warrior. Some thoughts:

Levels smaller but uglier then V - I think size matters for feel/danger density/teleports. Plan is to look into how shrinkable V dungeon layout is.

?recall more expensive. Not guaranteed in shop - my recall scroll burnt not long before death. This should be a real risk, however recall should always be avaliable in shops. I think I'll guarantee a much smaller no. of Vs guaranteed consumables.

Dry drop rate - I enjoyed this for the early game. I believe it becomes an issue in the transition to middle game? Plan is to set a point where the early game should end & the game becomes more generous.

_slow moster - mostly failing against giant fleas. I consider that unacceptable. Insects will likely be flagged "weak willed" or similar. Hound packs will probably follow.

Giant fleas bash door (do they in V). This will go unless someone gives me a compelling case for it to stay.

Edit: Status effects being generally reliable against "animal" may be a reasonable pattern:

1. The game already has "animal" coded in
2. Easy enough to telegraph to players(at least ones who read the help file or forum)
3. Status effects have useful place against early fast kitties, packs or animal pits. With wands for the lone kitties. Staves for pack

Edit 2: I think I'm settled on a plan for status effects.

Base: As in the old O (will need to look at what the bonuses for casters was & how that'll work)
Natural:Penalty equivelent to x monster levels (high level hounds are still high level)
Unique:Bonus=Natural penalty, cancelling out for natural unique
Power ties to device skill using Vs +dam on devices
Fail:Minor 1-3 turn debuff unless immune. Bonus to landing full status effect while under minor debuff.

So if I can work out how to code that I'll get a version for testing.

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