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Game turns are the fundamental unit of time in the game; everything that happens must happen on a game turn. Think of game turns like seconds on a clock. Every game turn, every creature (player + monsters) in the game gets an amount of "energy" added to them based on their speed. Then creatures with at least 100 energy are allowed to take an action; this is where player turns comes in. At normal speed you get 10 energy per game turn, so game turns should be 10x larger than standard turns for as long as you don't get hasted or slowed and only use actions that cost 100 energy (the default). If you have a type of action that's unusually fast, like +shots, that action costs less energy, so your next opportunity to take a turn comes up faster. Similarly, if you have +speed, then you get more energy per game turn, so less time passes in between your turns.
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