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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
To get this clear though, to have angband run in multiple windows requires either the x11 port (which seems defunct?) or the windows port?
x11, windows, Cocoa (Macintosh) ports are the ones that support multiple windows, to my knowledge (well, and SDL2).

How do people do it on linux? Does x11 work if you're running it locally?
x11 client works. My impression is that most linux users prefer ncurses, perhaps because it has better performance and allows fullscreen mode.

Could it (textui2) be compiled into other variants?
Definitely not, it uses different API. Also, Angband's codebase has diverged very significantly from old variants, the "core" part was split from the "ui" part, and there are numerous other changes.

False. The problem with multiple panels is that they are constrained to fit within a single rectangular window. Multiple windows allows you to arrange your play area in any conformation you want;
Except for single-window, fullscreen mode. Based on my observations in the wild , this is how most people prefer to play videogames. So this is the default mode that should be supported. Multiple windows is an obscure little feature that is only of interest to rich people with xtra monitors
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