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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Randarts keeps the game varied for long-term players. (I've never used it myself)

The greatest cause of death for junior players is lack-of-knowledge-of-what-can-kill-you.

A really interesting and crazy equalizer for hardcore players could be "randMonsters", or at least "RandUniques" (except a very few)! Has any variant explored this possibility?

I wonder how many 'Kavlax' types the RNG would throw at you each time!?
HallucinationMushroom used to edit his Sil monster files so that all monsters had the glyph 'red D' and were called 'monster', so that he had to figure out what he was fighting based on what they did in their first few turns

Not really random since the monster types were still the same, they were just totally obscured.
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