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[3.5.1] bug in drop item

birth Setting "don't stack objects on the floor" is YES

BUG: An object you drop disappears even if there would be an empty space for it in a 3x3 grid around the Player Position.

reproduce bug by the following steps:
create new testchar, set birth Option don't stack Options to true
Buy 80 arrows and 10 flasks of oil and a 3rd item type in town, enter dungeon and leave dungeon until you find an empty room that is big enough to have a 7x7 grid in it.

You cover the floor with items (i.e. arrows) for a grid of 7x7 floor spaces (Player Position is in the Center of the grid). Now you take one arrow out (regardless where) and drop a 2nd item (i.e. flask of oil). The object Drops at the place where you picked up the arrow. Now you drop a 3rd object (i.e. iron shot or pebble) - it disappears.

That is the "normal" behavior which is correct. Now you fill the whole grid with 1 arrow at each Position and just take one arrow out, right beside the Center Position. You squelch arrows.

If you hit "K" and toggle ignore off/on you can check that there is a grid of arrows around you, with just one empty space right beside the Player Position in the Center of the grid.

You toggle ignore "on", it Looks like the whole room is empty (we just know that only one space is empty tho).

You drop a 2nd item type (i.e. flask of oil). The item disappears (bug!).
Instead of disappearing the object should have been dropped in the empty Position right beside the Player, because there IS an empy space within a 3x3 grid around the Player.
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