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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Possibly. Have you tried any of the classes on the feature/magic branch, Timo?
No. I haven't had much time to play anything lately. I play my favorite dwarf priest when I feel like it, but I have now played one char for about two months and have got almost half-way to dungeon, that's how much I have time playing.

One idea for spellcasting I have is to make variable casting times. MM could take 1/4 turn in high levels, alter reality 20 turns (if not disturbed) and so on. A bit like ranger shooting arrows, you could cast single target spells multiple times / turn if spell is low level and you are high level. Preparation spells could take longer times. You could even reintroduce invulnerability if you make it cost a lot, last only few turns and make casting time 20 turns. No more infinite invulnerability.
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