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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Angband uses a "heat map" approach instead, where each turn, tiles close to the player are marked by how close they are (so the player's tile is 0, adjacent to that is 1, adjacent to the 1s are 2, etc.), and monsters can pathfind simply by moving to the adjacent tile with the lowest number. That's very efficient for many-to-1 pathfinding, but requires creating the heat map each turn. I believe what you're seeing here is simply that the heat map generation routine caps how far it's willing to fill out before it stops, as a speed optimization, and any monsters that aren't on the heat map just use straight-line pathfinding.
I seem to remember some options in old versions like "flow by smell" and "flow by sound", but I think they were marked as experimental. 3.0 maybe? Did they go anywhere, or were they dead ends?

We should experiment with making larger heat maps, since the current constraint is probably based on hardware that's at least a decade old. But I very much doubt we'll move to A* pathfinding anytime soon.
Making the heat-maps larger could improve things. At the moment it seems like TO is too powerful because it often ends up bottling-up monsters like this unless they have passwall.
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