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I'll just comment on a few, maybe some others when I've looked a bit closer.

Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
Hi all,
- Replace Throwing Mastery with Blind Fighting, prerequisite of 3 Melee
-- Removes penalties for attacking enemies you can't see; however defence against them is not improved
I doubt I'd take this as listen does a similar thing better.
Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
This tree seems generally in good shape. I feel like the non-ranged part of Blocking is probably not very relevant though?
It works ok with focused attack & control retreat.
Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
- Cruel Blow also could do with some kind of boost
I'd be careful here as with subtlety & a big slaying bonus it currently can completely take Morgoth out of the fight. It's... it doesn't work properly at the low end & is too good at the top end.
Originally Posted by Quirk View Post

- Remove Song of Freedom, replace it with Song of Wisdom, prerequisite 7 Song
-- Each turn there is a chance proportional to Song of identifying an unknown item
-- While singing the song, the singer has full knowledge of all opponents

- Move Song of Staying from 7 Song to 4 Song, no prerequisite needed

- Change Song of Aule to boost by Song / 3

- Boost Song of Silence, Lorien, Mastery

- Move Song of Slaying from 2 Song to 9 Song (maybe have Staying or Este as prerequisite?)

- Move Song of Este from 9 Song to 2 Song, no prerequisite needed
-- Improve it so that all stats are sustained while singing

- Replace Song of Sharpness with Song of Might, prerequisite 10 Song
-- Give a +1 bonus to Str and Con for each 8 points of Song
-- Might need to look at the difficulty of removing Sils from the crown without Sharpness
I'd be disapointed to see freedom go, which is actually quite good. It'll be particular hard to play a -1 str sindar build without this.
Not sure why the silence boost, it's already quite good.
Song of wisdom sounds a bit like loremaster with extra ui hassle, I'm doubtful of this.
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