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Originally Posted by archolewa View Post
Something I just discovered when getting my butt handed to me by Morgoth in Single Combat as a Paladin: While *Destructing* Morgoth banishes him from the Single Combat arena, it doesn't actually *end* single combat.
I'm sorry, I don't understand what this means. "it doesn't actually *end* single combat".

Is "Single Combat" some kind of special mode? In other games, they do have a first class concept of being "in" and "out" of combat. The only way to get "out" of combat is to kill the monster, or run out of range to "reset" the monster.

While "in" combat, some things behave differently than when "out" of combat. (For example, "out" of combat, your health regenerates on its own, "in" combat, it does not.)

Now, these are dramatically different games and mechanics, but given that as a reference, i didn't know there was a concept "Single Combat", much less that it needed to be "ended".
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