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Originally Posted by Sauken View Post
So I killed Sauron, and was having some fun with Grond. I went into single combat with Omarax, and Grond caused some earthquakes. One earthquake, however, made him disappear entirely! And now I am stuck :|

Edit:Using debug mode, I was successfully able to leave by teleporting to the SAME level in which I entered single combat. Teleporting to other levels crashed the game. I submitted my dump before entering debug mode
Was this the (j)ump debug command you used to leave? I killed an Archlich via Single Combat but am still stuck in my little cell. The issue may be due to the game crashing when I had recalled earlier, which somehow resulted in an additional, smaller save file being created. When loading my original save (the new one could not be loaded) it put me directly into a SC fight with an enemy I had killed earlier (which was done via SC, a Q monster of some sort). The next time I used SC was on the lich, and attempting to (j)ump to any level just crashes the game now, so hoping there is another command that may work.
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