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I'm about to give the Mimic a spin...

Found a minor bug already:
While all other monster races have documentation via '?', the Mimic has NONE! At the same time, the Mimic DOES gets an intro once you select it, though.

This interesting bug:
Assuming that Mimicked monsters have a timer, if you go on the Overworld Map, you can keep the Mimicked monsters for extended periods of time while traveling...or not a bug at higher levels? At clvl 12, I Mimicked a Swordsman (non-learned form) traveled from an area halfway between Outpost and Morivant all the way to Morivant without the Mimicry wearing off!!

That said, how does the Mimicry timer work at upper clvls for learned forms vs. non-learned forms? What do players need to do achieve 'Learned forms' with any monster? I think I got lucky with Meng You, Brother of Meng Huo relatively early.
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