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Originally Posted by Nazghul View Post
Does anyone know where I could find a list of all possible effects from 'a'iming a Wand of Wonder at some(thing/one)? And whether or not they are even chance, or whether the odds of each effect are weighted?
Derakon posted the below about three years ago on another thread. Don't know how relevant it is now, but I imagine it's more or less the same.

"I just thought I'd look up the effects a Wand of Wonder can have, after getting a message from it I didn't recognize ("You feel a surge of power!") that is apparently intended to facilitate ID-by-use. Anyway, when you aim a Wand of Wonder, the game rolls d100 and adds clvl / 5 to the result (thus generating a number from 11 to 110 for a level-50 character). The die determines the effect:

1-7: Clone Monster
8-13: Haste Monster
14-25: Heal Monster (4d6HP restored)
26-30: Polymorph Monster
31-35: Fires a possibly-beaming magic missile dealing
(3 + (clvl - 1) / 5)d4 damage (up to 12d4)
36-40: Confuse Monster with power clvl
41-45: Fires a radius-3 poison ball dealing 20 + clvl / 2 damage (up to 40)
46-50: As Spear of Light (lights a line dealing 6d8 damage to susceptible monsters)
51-55: Fires a lightning beam dealing (3 + (clvl - 5) / 6)d6 damage (up to 10d6)
56-60: Fires a possibly-beaming frost bolt dealing
(5 + (clvl - 5) / 4)d8 damage (up to 16d8)
61-65: Fires a possibly-beaming acid bolt dealing
(6 + (clvl - 5) / 4)d8 damage (Up to 17d8)
66-70: Fires a possibly-beaming fire bolt dealing
(8 + (clvl - 5) / 4)d8 damage (up to 19d8)
71-75: Fires a drain-life bolt dealing 75 damage to
the non-(demon/undead/golem/elemental/vortex) target
76-80: Fires a radius-2 electrical ball dealing 30 + clvl / 2 damage (up to 55)
81-85: Fires a radius-2 acid ball dealing 40 + clvl damage (up to 90)
86-90: Fires a radius-3 cold ball dealing 70 + clvl damage (up to 120)
91-95: Fires a radius-3 fire ball dealing 80 + clvl damage (up to 130)
96-100: Fires a drain-life bolt dealing 100 + clvl damage
(same target restrictions as noted earlier) (up to 150 damage)
101-103: Causes a radius-12 earthquake.
104-105: Causes a radius-15 Destruction effect.
106-107: Performs a Banish effect (single monster type with prompt)
109: Deals 120 damage to all monsters in line of sight
110: Dealings 150 damage to all monsters in line of sight;
slows all monsters in line of sight with power clvl;
sleeps all monsters in line of sight with power clvl;
heals the player for 300HP."
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