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Originally Posted by AnonymousHero View Post
If I understand what you mean, I would be surprised by this. If you're doing a simple one-pass render where you just blit from "internal game map" to a load of glyphs on a pixmap, there shouldn't really be issue here. (This was also my experience with my experimental port of T2 to Allegro. I had more issues with SDL2, but that had more to with keyboard handling than display performance.)
As I recall (and this was awhile ago so I may well be misremembering), I was drawing each tile individually. Like, a # goes at (0, 0), that's one draw call. Then a . goes at (1, 0), that's a separate draw call. Etc. It was the sheer number of draw calls that was killing me. Of course, that's a pretty silly way to draw text, but I probably felt it was necessary in order to handle color displays or something like that.
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