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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
I think you may be undervaluing Howl for this situation. Howl fear lasts a looong time, long enough to escape even the most persistent unkillable uniques. (Naar, Mim's sons, Angmar twins.) I just started playing Blackguard, and my eyes really popped open on how useful this is compared to the old priest-book spell, or that pathetic wand.
Howl is definitely very valuable. I used it to some very good effect in my last game (before getting murdered by Gorlim, my own fault for not teleporting away though). However, Howl is in the same book as Maim Foe, so it's not really pertinent to this analysis (i.e. how having to wait for the game to generate the second book, rather than buying it in town makes the early game Blackguard more intense).
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