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Originally Posted by Selkie View Post
I tried playing blackguard once but didn't really give it a fair crack of the whip. This post has inspired me to try again in earnest.

Is there one race that makes a more natural blackguard, I'm guessing half orc or troll?
High Elf or Dunadan. They both give you buffs in every stat you care about. The High Elf's xp penalty is pretty minor these days, and intrinsic See Invisible is *nice*. Their device bonus i nice too. Blackguards don't have particularly good shooting skill, so having a good device skill gives them an alternative source of range damage.

Don't use the default stat allocation though. Reduce your Dex by a few points, and put them into Intelligence. Ideally, you want at least 18 in both Strength and Intelligence (though I usually go more). You won't be getting lots of blows early on regardless of how much Dex you have, and getting your Intelligence to 18+ will get your combat spells online *much* faster, which makes a huge difference.

I haven't played Troll, but I don't think they'd get all that much benefit. Their innate regeneration does cancel out the Blackguard's impared hitpoint recovery, but that's not really a big problem in my experience, and Blackguards don't regain mana normally, so they don't really gain any benefits from regeneration. Meanwhile, their low intelligence means they'll struggle to get their Blackguard spelsl reliable, and reliable spells are very important for the Blackguard.

Edit: I havent tried it yet, but human might actually be a good choice too. Many of a Blackguards spells get blows at certain level thresholds. These are less important once you start gaining stats, but very important early. The humans faster leveling would let them hit those thresholds faster. I just dont know if its faster enough to make a difference.

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