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Originally Posted by DavidMedley View Post
For a few days, I was like "Ho-leee SHIT! If I take a Gnome Blackguard I'll have great INT and my device skill will make up for my bad shooting... it'll be AMAZING!" But 2 or 3 deaths later I decided that good HP are very important to a class that takes a ton of damage. Weird.
Yeah, you'll notice I didn't suggest Gnome.

Honestly, though I'm not sure I agree with you about 13 Int being sufficient. That's what you get with default point buy for a High Elf and I was struggling really badly in the early game with that. I didn't start having a better time of it until I pumped Int to 18 or higher. Failure rate is more important than max SP for an early game Blackguard in my opinion, and a higher Int means you'll get reliable spells much faster. You'll rarely be taking enough damage quickly enough to fill up your SP bar either way, but the more your spells fail the more free turns your enemy gets.

Maybe the Half-Troll's sky-high strength makes up for that. Like I said, I haven't played Half-Troll. But 13 Int does not feel remotely sufficient for a High Elf Blackguard.

Yeah, the racial Int doesn't matter by the endgame, but Blackguards are endgame powerhouses regardless of what race you use. It's the early game where they struggle the most in my experience, and my suggestions are based around shoring up their weak early game.
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