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So I was inspired by Archolewa's blackguard post to try the class properly for the first time. I found I really enjoyed, particularly when I levelled up to around 15 and could start using the combat spells properly. I'm used to playing as rogues, so I needed to adjust my play style slightly but it actually felt really natural. I ran a high elf following the suggestions.

* I love the regeneration through fighting. In my first five minutes I tried resting to recover, something I do often and conservatively as most other classes. Obviously this didn't work at all. Rather than wasting time resting, instead I worried a bit less about this obsession of always keeping HP and SP at full and began just hunting more monsters to kill. It's actually a lot more fun in terms of game play. When you get lots of combat spells and use them then you regenerate really quickly.

* I liked being able to wield heavy weapons and armour without penalties. I was always a bit miffed as a rogue (particularly below level 20) that a dagger or main gauche would do more damage than a meaty mace, it never felt quite right to me. Now with the limited number of blows it's obviously less of an issue.

* One of the best things about the class is the spellbooks are all killer no filler. When I play as a ranger I find myself spamming the same couple of spells. There are books where I only use one spell. Even as a rogue it's a bit like this. Every spell in the first book had such a specific and clever use and I liked the way I could combine various spells for even greater effect. Leap into Battle is one of my favourite spells, especially combined with Whirlwind attack. It's also really good for picking off fleeing monsters. Obviously Maim is a key spell, and werewolf.

* I noticed when I was poisoned I wasn't taking hit damage each turn, which I would normally do. Maybe every three turns or so. Is this supposed to be the case?
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