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Originally Posted by DavidMedley View Post
Reviews like this and Archolewa's are really rewarding to read. I really wanted to give incentives to aggressive play, and it's very satisfying to see people responding to that and having fun. Obviously, you still have to be careful and I think "Seek Battle" is, honestly, more useful to sniff out the battles you want to avoid, but I'd like to think that we succeeded in making aggressive play fun and effective.

It's a funny mix actually. You do have to be really careful and avoid fights, especially early on. At the same time, to survive you need to be windmilling into the monsters. It's quite a balancing act. I'm surprised at how quickly a few spells and a few blows can replenish the health.

I'm still experimenting with the class but I can say it's one of my favourites. I do miss not having object detection, but you can't win them all. I've just got so unlucky with my randart drops that I haven't been able to progress very far with my three attempts, all have died around clvl 29.

I can tell the balancing act for this class must have been really tough, and required a lot of play testing. I'm impressed so far.

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