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Yeah the late 20s are tough. You make real progress until you get maim foe, which is a real game changer for a few levels after receiving the ritual. Then your melee combat can't quite keep pace with the monsters. I kept diving through the dungeon in my first three attempts, but I think I was too deep. I'm playing a lot more conservatively now and making sure I'm always a dungeon level lower than my character level.

I'm not sure if it's because I don't have the object detection spell, but in all four games so far I've had terrible luck with randarts. I'm not finding any weapons or launchers, the best I've had is a helmet with +3 INT and dark resistance... So a poor haul.

Still really enjoying the blackguard. My keyboard is m,a,a,m,a,b, m,b,a,m,a,c,m,a,c,m,a,c,m,a,e,m,b,a,m,a,c.... And so on, and so on
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