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Graphical Glitches in 2.9

Hi I downloaded v2.9 and have been happily and slowly playing for a few weeks. My dwarf priest is level 32 and now the game is messing up. It wouldn't open, so I moved the save file out of the folder, deleted the game and reinstalled, but the glitches are still occurring.

Specifically, there are ghost "@'s" through the path that I move. The walls are either in the wrong places (so I can walk through them) or invisible (so it tells me I'm bumping into a wall when there is no wall there.)

I know this is a pretty old version. My plan was to play through 2.9 which is what I spent a ton of time on back in college/grad school. Then I would play the newest version and see if some of my concerns about the direction of the new version would stick. Any help is appreciated.
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