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Perhaps the current "move to position" command could have say how many steps it will take in the top bar if it knows in advance?

I'm thinking about how Brogue draws a path to the places you can automatically move to (or move the mouse over), and if you were to just count the yellow squares, you could get the number of "steps".

While I'm not suggesting drawing lines or anything, that number could be handy for telling blind players if the thing they are inspecting is connected to where they are currently!

Like, if it says "10 steps" away, you know that it's possible to traverse to that square easily. But if it says "532 steps" away, that would say that the only known route to that square involves a looot of traversal, or a shorter path they have not yet encountered.

That would make it easier to conceptualize "gaps" that abled players would be able to see normally..!
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