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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
uh ..

so, when you say MUD, i think you mean Multi User Dungeon ?

In Mud you got a room, 1-4 exits, a handful of mobs (like 3 or 4), a few items on the ground and the other players.
The mobs don't move either. The room is essentially one tile.

In Angband you got hundreds of items, traps, mobs, some hidden from view but known. You got monster qualities as well, so not just "ooze" but "purple ooze" which affects how you approach that mob.

So .. lots of things to convert into audio. Not just each mob and item, but their location too.

Frankly i cannot imagine having to convert a vault to audio, and repeat that every turn. i can't even imagine someone listening to that audio, and actually managing to understand what is happening.
To really drive the point home, i cannot imagine a single turn of an Angband vault being converted into audio, and then someone managing to sit through that entire audio and managing to have a visual understanding of what they just heard.

and then repeat every turn.
Certainly, a naive implementation would suck, but that doesn't mean it's not worth talking about how to do it better. Instead of a continuously-updated monster list, notifications when monsters enter and leave LOS would be better. (And it's also useful for people playing on smaller screens, or even on the normal screen.)

There's a lot of information on the screen that's not really necessary on any given turn. What matters in the moment is the change in status, and that's true for sighted players, too.

There's a lot of messages that nobody really needs to read. What if there were some way to better control which ones you see? Can we better consolidate the information you get? (Monster attacks, for instance. Do we really need up to four hit/miss messages with their own attack names on hit? Sure, it's flavorful, but "The giant red scorpion attacks you for 21 damage, your strength is drained" is way easier to cope with.

There's a lot of color-based information. How can we make that better available? This helps the color-blind, too.

And so on, and so forth.

I have my own doubts that it can be made workable, just due to the size and complexity of the maps. But I could be wrong. And remember: the visually impaired are not just the blind; there's a lot of gradations in sightedness.

I was surprised when someone asked for the photos in my cat's Twitter account to be captioned, but I've been doing it ever since. While there's a lot more work involved here, it's worth thinking about it, instead of dismissing it out of hand.

Edit: this is the internet, so someone's going to ask: @PlatonicFloof
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