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ster is an unknown quantity at this point
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guys im crying rn it's like seeing a sunrise, or full moon and realising the Beauty of the World, or realising the fact that if you had left your house 10 minutes later on that one day you would never have met your life partner. This is a true masterpiece of the Angband Variant Artform. This level of detail, flavour and creativity is unmatched. It is a true work of love.

Mr. pav, can we have a ladder?
Mr. Gwarl, can you put it on
just emptyquoting this. This variant is great, if incredibly janky. I kind of wish I had threw the whole thing through machine translation when MITZE first pointed me to it a couple years ago now.
gwarl 09/19/2019
I can't ban ster from my roguelikes site though like all other roguelike admins have because it lets him win
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