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Question X11 Specifying Fonts / Geometry

I am attempting to play Angband 3.0.9b, as packaged in Ubuntu GNU/Linux 9.04. When I played before I controlled the fonts and locations of various windows using ~/.Xdefaults, as suggested at (but with my own particular preferences). I cannot now get Angband to recognize these X resources, although I am able to use them to customize xterm and other applications. My guess at this point would be that Angband has changed the name of the classes and settings that it supports, but I cannot find any documentation of this.

As an alternative, I discovered through looking at the source code that Angband reads several environment variables. Specifically, I am able to control the font used in the main window by setting ANGBAND_X11_FONT_0="fixed" (or "5x7" or "7x13" or whatever). However, this only partially works. Decreasing the size of the font causes the individual glyphs to be smaller, but space is inserted between them so that I cannot shrink the window from taking up almost my entire screen. It is set to 24 rows and 80 columns, but I cannot seem to get rid of this extra space, making it basically impossible to see the sub-windows.

Note that changing the fonts in these sub-windows works exactly as I would expect; it is only the main window that has this strange space-inserting property. Can anyone suggest how I might change this or get the old X resources method to work?

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