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Originally Posted by Theonidus View Post
Well, Still critting up a storm and I just found a pretty incredible weapon. Went from a 1d8 (+17,+12) doing 73 normal damage and with a powerful slay of 266 with 5 attacks, to 7d4 (+15,+20) doing 188 normal and 662 with a powerful slay with 5 attacks. Feels like that's alot more of a variation then the old system would've been. Also i noticed something i'm not sure is odd or not. For the longest time i was getting 2 attacks with every weapon. Dagger, 2 attacks. Maul, 2 attacks. Is that intended?
That's normal enough for O-combat. 2 blows minimum, a warrior would reach 3 with a light weapon, a ranger takes a while to get above 2.
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