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Originally Posted by DavidMedley View Post
Fast cast is more thematic/flavorful/distinct. Better to try to fine tune it IMO.
Haste self has been a key mage spell for decades of moria/angband versions. I like the idea of fast cast, and fine tuning it is a fine idea. What I'd like to see is the effective +10 speed at a relatively low level, just like how haste self used to be. I don't like all the debuffs being discussed for fast cast. If the idea is to prevent an overpowered endgame spell, then this can be fixed by scaling down the acceleration based on player speed.

For example, if a player is at +0, fast cast should give 100% spellcasting speed increase (2 spells per turn) with no other restrictions (not losing fast case if the player moves, etc.). This gives an effect similar to haste self, but restricting the speed increase to spells.

If player speed is +40, then fast cast could give a 25% speed boost (instead of 100%). Or some other similar fall-off curve.
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