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Originally Posted by CJNyfalt View Post
- Monster list in a sub-window added.
- Artifacts are now immune to disenchant.
- Nexus no longer scramble stats or teleport level.
- All teleport level attacks removed from monsters.
- All amnesia attacks removed from monsters, and memory mosses removed.
- Wearables in inventory will no longer be destroyed by fire/acid/elec attacks. (I wouldn't mind them just getting damaged, but outright destroying something that only would get damaged when worn was too much for me.)
Huh, these and the earlier features are exactly what annoyed me for years. BTW, in Un most of the annoyances you mention are removed, too, though less drastically (e.g. teleport level is not instantaneous, Nexus's swap is much bigger, but temporary, amnesia is changed, stuff gets damaged, instead of destroyed, until is has not more plusses to drain).

I like O. It's simple but it has a style. It's really a variant, not an expansion.
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