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If Angband had achievements/trophies, what would they be?

So imagine a world where Angband was released on PS4/Xbone/Steam and it has acheivements. What would they be?

My suggestions:

I'm too young to die: Reach 1250 feet of depth
Hey, not too rough: Reach 2500 feet of depth
Hurt me plenty: Reach 3750 feet of depth
Ultra-Violence: Reach 5000 feet of depth
Nightmare!: Reach 6000 feet of depth
Aspect of Fingolfin: Killing Morgoth
The End is near: Killing Sauron
One Ring to rule them all: Finding the One Ring
A new force of Nature: Killing Tarrasque
We are Legion: Found every unique
The fall of a Legion: Killing every unique
Everything but stab proof: Acquiring every resistance
Iron Man lives again!: Beat the game in Iron Man mode
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