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Enjoying latest nightly competition...

...much more than all my cursing lets on.

Had an idea for a new mushroom: regenerates 10% of your total health every turn for 1d60+40 turns. I think Ranger has a spell or did have a spell at one point that was similar to this, but was too underpowered for balance purposes, but in mushroom form I think there is room for such an effect to be properly powered without gameplay balance issues, because one, such mushrooms would be rare and have to fight for other awesome healing slots (like healing and *healing*). I think Angband needs more powerful mushrooms.

I'm on DL39 and at CL28. Just found an X6 (+16, +14) crossbow which is pretty handy seeing as I'm only doing 67 melee damage to others with my \Westernesse.

I'm a little confused why monsters become held when frightened. Is this intentional? Seems a bit odd. Not sure how I feel about it.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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